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I Believe

(This was taken from my speech at the GOP convention May 30, 2020.

My name is Rob Barrett and I’m running for US Senate for the state of Minnesota.

Let’s be clear.

I am Pro-life. I believe life begins at conception and should be valued through a person’s time on hearth.

I believe in the second amendment. My daughter and I are getting our permit to carry together.

I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in being debt free. Our country’s debt will be a burden for our children.

I believe in our Republic, I believe in states rights. I believe in a limited federal government.

I believe in the constitution,

I believe in enumerated powers, the Federal government should only do what the constitution allows it to do.

I believe education should handled on the local level.

I believe in the Bible, and I don’t want the Governor to teach comprehensive sex education to my children.

I believe the federal government should stay out of health care. A federal takeover of healthcare is just going to make everything worse.

I believe the government should never tell you how to raise your kids.

I believe in free markets. Capitalism is the best economic system ever

I believe in deregulation and letting the market and the people decide. Let the American people innovate, create and invent.

I believe the answer to our problems is the individual, the people, not the government or government programs.

I believe in secure borders. I believe in doing whatever it takes to keep people from entering our country illegally.

I believe we should make legal immigration easier but keep the refugee resettlement low so cities like Wilmar and St. Cloud can recover.

I believe in the American Farmer. They are the most productive and hardworking farmers in the world. We need to support them.

I believe in "Made in America." Let’s bring manufacturing back.

I believe in the American worker. We have the most productive work force in the world by far. Let’s loose the hounds of American ingenuity.

I believe in small businesses. They are the back bone of our country. I own one.Let’s get government out of the way and let them succeed.

I support our armed forces. I believe in a strong military

I believe in term limits.

I believe in drain the swamp

I believe any movement towards socialism is a terrible idea and I will fight it with all my being.

I believe our entitlement programs are out of control and that welfare ruins lives.

I believe in innocent until proven guilty.

I believe in America first, in American exceptionalism. This is the best time in the best country to be alive in the history of the world.

I believe in “what you can do for your country”, not “what your country can do for you”

I believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion and will lay down my life for those rights.

I believe that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. If we get those right, everything else will fall in place.

Those rights, those liberties were bought a great cost. Many lives have been lost to secure our liberty. We should not be so cavalier to give it up,

I am a true conservative and want to bring those values to the US Senate to represent Minnesotans the way Minnesotans deserve to be represented.

So how do we win this election?

So why all the purple? Why all the music videos? Why the rap video?

We have some interesting challenges here in our state. Minnesota is 33 percent conservative, 27 percent liberal, but 40% moderate and independent. We can’t win a statewide race with 33% or without attracting some moderate votes.

I think we’ve proven that 23 times in a row.

So in my campaign I try and avoid easy triggers that instantly turn off moderates.

I’m not willing to change my views or water them down, but we can market, message, and campaign in ways that don’t alienate people right out of the gate.

The color purple for instance. Someone once said we shouldn’t just have red states and blue states we should have purple states. well if any state should be purple it’s Minnesota. We have 2 Dark Blue senators. We need one red senator to offset one blue senator making Minnesota purple. That’s where I’m going with purple.

And the music and rap is to appeal to both the hearts AND minds of the voters.

We have to reach the metro in order to win a statewide race. That’s my focus. I have worked hard in Greater Minnesota as well and have traveled all over our great state.

But we need to do well in the metro in order to win.

I will work hard with you for in the Metro and we can all work hard for Greater Minnesota.

Let’s win a statewide race,

Let’s learn the lessons from losing 23 statewide elections in a row

Let’s not put out candidates who aren’t going to appeal to the majority of Minnesota voters.

Let’s do something different

We Are Minnesota

We are the North

Let’s do this together.

My name is Rob Barrett, I’m running for US Senate

I humbly ask for your vote.

May God bless you, may God bless America

and may God bless the state of Minnesota

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