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Barrett Releases Post COVID-19 Reopening Plan.

Updated: Apr 8

Plan to Open Minnesota’s Economy in a Safe Manner.

(I am not a virologist or epidemiologist but the numbers are looking good for Minnesota.)

Due to the incredible effort and resiliency of Minnesotans we will beat this virus and return to a productive way of life. Minnesota’s total active and new COVID-19 cases will peak, then start to decline and eventually slow to the point of no new cases for a day. The median incubation period for COVID-19 is 5.1 days with 97.5% showing symptoms after 11.5 days. Once we get past 7 days and then 11 days we will know the extent of the virus' proliferation post growth. Here is a plan to slowly return our economy to full strength.


1. Total active cases peak (show a decline of 10%):

Immediately open Golf courses, landscapers and other outdoor work.

Allow all outside work where social distancing can be maintained.

1. MDH reports no or low (under 10) new COVID-19 cases for a day:

All outside construction can reopen

Any restrictions on parks are lifted.

2. After 7 days of no or low (under 10) new cases per day:

Small companies of under 10 people are allowed to open and go back to work

Non-essential medical and dentist and other healthcare services can reopen.

3. After 11 days of no or low (under 10) new cases per day:

Restaurants, bars, and non-essential stores can reopen but with a limit of 25 people at a time.

4. After 14 days of no or low (under 10) new cases per day:

All businesses can reopen for business.

Churches can gather again. No groups of over 750.

5. After 21 days of no or low (under 10) new cases per day:

Sporting events can reopen.

Churches can worship with groups of under 2000

Schools reopen.

6 . After 30 days of no or low (under 10) new cases per day:

Outdoor concerts and festivals can reconvene.

Indoor concerts can reopen with a limit

No limit on group sizes.

If MDH reports more than 50 new cases in one day, we add a 5 day pause to the plan.

If MDH reports more than 100 cases in a day we return to Stay at Home until the daily cases return to low and restart the process.

With this plan, we can reopen all businesses while keeping a watch on a second wave of the virus. First and foremost, we want to keep Minnesotans safe and healthy.

We are Minnesota. We can get through this together. #WeAreMN

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